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Welcome to the official website of Dickinson County, Iowa. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for citizens of Dickinson County by providing exceptional public service in an enjoyable environment.

Contracts/Drainage Information

Drainage Districts

Drainage District NO. 2 Main Tile

2014 Open Ditch Cleanout

DD28 Reclassification of Mains and Branches

DD #17

DD #2

Jt DD#61

JT 61, CDE-Branch 61

DD #92

DD#92 Preliminary Engineering Report

DD#92 Landowners-Update 03/21/2017

Jt DD#1 Dickinson & Osceola Counties

Jt DD#1 Dickinson & Osceola County Plans

Jt DD#1 Dickinson & Osceola County Prel Eng Rpt.


2015 Highway 86

2015 Spine Trail Repair