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Permit for Contaminated Soil

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7-25-18 email from Ken Hennenius

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DNR process involving petroleum contamination

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Dickinson County officials’ first press release

WM Statement to Dickinson Board of Supervisors 7.31.18

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Non-Hazardous Waste Management Approval with out of planning area wasteful tracking form

Analytical report from Test America on samples provided by BNSF

BNSF Doon Derailment timeline

7-3-18 BNSF Train Derailment waste flow approval

Petroleum clean up disposal handout

BNSF application with Waste Management

Out of Planning Area Waste Flow Tracking

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Updated DNR Timeline

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Waste characterization data, like that included in the Test America Analytical Report, is typically information shared between a waste generator and the receiving landfill (BNSF and WM in this case) to ensure that the generator is not sending hazardous waste to a landfill. The DNR can request to see this information, and we did on July 24, 2018, after we were contacted by a County Supervisor concerned that the waste going to the Dickinson landfill may be hazardous. When contacted by DNR, BNSF provided us with the most recent Analytical Report they had, dated 7/18/18. The 7/18/18 Test America Analytical Report is what we included in the timeline because that is the information we received from BNSF. After the concern was raised during the County Supervisor’s meeting this Monday that the timeline showed waste being taken to the landfill before testing of the material had occurred, WM provided the DNR with additional Analytical Reports from Test America that they had received from BNSF. The first samples were collected 6/29/18 with a report date of 7/3/18, demonstrating that testing of the material occurred prior to the first loads of oil spill waste being taken to the Dickinson Co. Landfill on 7/11/18

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